Skin Care History

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Skin care goes back as far as ancient times where cave women and cave men did everything possible to survive the worst climate condition without the accommodation we take pleasure in today.

Their skin was rough and able to fight the sun rays and climate condition. After all these conditions the prehistoric human was aware of certain skin care requirements.

Skin care back then was mainly associated with the relief of pain caused by extreme weather and exposure to the sun. The type of fatty food they were taking in was also one of the significant reasons for skin associated illness.

The most amazing reality is that even after the type and quantity of heavy fatty foods they took in there is no evidence about acne associated problems. It might hold true that the growth of facial hair stopped the skin acne or only made the acne concealed. For this reason the history of skin care is full of secrets and unknowns.

Skin care must be considered different than the cosmetic industry.  Makeup is applied to your face or skin to provide you a better appearance however skin care in this regard is safeguarding and controlling your skin from disease and infection.

Even if the prehistoric human had actually considered skin care as extremely more medical than cosmetic. As in the prehistoric times males had exposed the body to weather, injury as well as today we are facing problems due to the contaminants and pollutants we have created for ourselves.

Although the body has immense natural resistance and skin is considered really versatile having many layers. You can develop a layer of tough skin and get a tan however this process actually hurts your skin.

The skin is not very much adaptive so when it changes due to worse conditions it damages itself. This is the reason the history of skin care is lengthened.

The farmers and anglers have actually used skin care items frequently in their history. Apparently both of them needed to expose their skin to even worse weather and rough devices.

It was crucial for these two types of workers to maintain their skin against the hard conditions. So the skin care products were invented to support the everyday work life. You will find more fantastic free details on skin care products at or website here

People have always flourished to look better and feel finest which has actually led them to invent skin care items. The history of the skin care items we see in the racks is as complex as our own history.

Cleopatra and natural skin care?

The history of natural skin care is a remarkable tale that has it’s roots in ancient Egyptian culture. Contrary to popular misconception Cleopatra was not the very first to explore organic skin care solutions.

In 1000 B.C the Eygptians developed perhaps the very first natural skin care treatment for dry skin. This was a natural treatment of bullock’s bile, whipped ostrich eggs, olive oil, dough and resin mixed with milk.

Cleopatra’s natural skin care formula

Not to be outshined the Romans also practiced a kind of natural skin care. Cleopatra’s favorite was a natural skin care routine including a mud pack made with crocodile manure. Very unique!

If a Roman had acne, he spent hours baking a primitive natural formula. This was a mixture of beans and lupins, which he thoroughly applied to his imperfections.
Making use of poisonous chemicals and industrial cleaning agents in the name of skin care is a fairly recent phenomenon.

Though, the Greeks were in fact the first to experiment with toxins in skin care. This was to be the very first departure from natural skin care treatments.

The desire for a pale face appearance led to making use of lead paint. This mixture was successful for only a short time. The subjects got their want a pale face though it came at a price. They also lost their teeth and hair and got severely pitted skin.

Lead paint and beauty? You would think the majority of people would have discovered their lesson about using toxins in skin care. Nevertheless, making use of lead paints continued into the Middle Ages. As hair and teeth fell out, eyebrows made from mousehair and cheek ‘plumpers’ made from cork ended up being a need for charm.

In the 17th century, the rosewater/urine facewash was introduced. This was a hybrid natural skin care product blended a recognized toxic substance. The resulting rosy radiance, integrated with cerise – a toxic mix of lead paint and cochineal .

How far have we progressed? So, what have we learned. We are now in the 21st century, how far have we advanced with modern cosmetics and natural skin care product formulas? Well, skin care is now a $29 billion dollar a year industry.

For that reason, due to modern advances in the cosmetic industry skin health must be at all time high right?

Not so fast, there are now over 80 known skin diseases everything from acne to lipoma to warts. Also current phenomena such as psoriasis and eczema both are the direct result of chemical irritants and lithium respectively.

Is there a connection between toxins in cosmetics and skin diseases? That is the $29 billion dollar concern.

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