Kaptiwa Review

Kaptiwa Review

Kaptiwa Review


Kaptiwa Is A Lightning FAST Video Hosting And Marketing Software Application & Proven Option. Kaptiwa is LIGHTER, FASTER And Developed with LOVE.

The Good About This Software:

1. SPEED IS MONEY: It took 3 Years to Plan, Develop, Test & Super-Optimize with World’s Best Cloud Services: Akamai. Aws & HLS Innovation for Delivering Lighting Fast Video Hosting & Marketing Experience.

2. Sophisticated Appeals And Guaranteed Delivery of Videos Matters a lot

3. It provides Complete Control over your Traffic And Boosts Engagement & Conversions, unlike YTube that draws your traffic by showing associated videos & reduce conversions.

4. Gives deep insight on user habits and engagement to enhance your marketing campaigns

5. Tailored player, reveal lead forms, promo advertisements inside videos and 100+ other cool features

  • Release Time of Kaptiwa: 10:00 EDT Release Date: 2019-Jun-21


Kaptiwa Short Intro Video

Kaptiwa Review & Overview

  • Creator: Dr. Amit Pareek et al
  • Product: Kaptiwa
  • Release Time: 10:00 EDT
  • Release Date: 2019-Jun-21
  • Niche: Video

kaptiwa video hosting Marketing software


Kaptiwa is Pack With Tons of other Ground Breaking Features 

Comment Management  System to Enhance Brand Reputation

Hassle-Free Video Management

Accounts System to Track Complete Leads Behaviour

Stunning Promo Templates for Extra Monetization & Traffic

 Get More Leads with Premium Lead Generation Templates

MyDrive to Store Your Media Securely & Share Faster with Your Clients

Custom Domain

Maximize Visitor Engagement with Ad-Free Videos

Advanced Advertisement Technology

 Advanced Integration With 1000 Marketing Apps

 Smooth Playback on All Devices & Browsers Unmatched Video Player Customization

  • How Kaptiwa Can Be Used

Sales videos – Fast HD video hosting & beautiful player – More engagement & sales (Product Launches)

Delivering video Training/Coaching products (Coach/Seller)

Review videos, generate leads & sales right inside videos using ads inside videos. (Affiliate Marketing)

Product Demo, sales videos (E-commerce Sites)

Step-by-step software using videos for Maximum customer satisfaction. (Product/Software)

VSLs, Video Lead Pages, etc(Landing Page)


  • Release Time of kaptiwa: 10:00 EDT Release Date: 2019-Jun-21

How TO USE KAPTIWA Video Hosting & Marketing Software

KAPTIWA Video Hosting & Marketing SoftwareStep # 1: Upload
To start the procedure, just publish a video and the software application gets into action.

Step # 2: Personalize
With just a few clicks, you can personalize the feel and look to use it for your brand name or monetize it by inserting your affiliate/promo link, lead collection forms or offer your e-com products best inside the video.

Action # 3: Publish & Profit
Now simply publish the video to see the action start. Our software gets on active mode and you view your engagement, commissions, and earnings rolling in quick and furious.


If You Are trying to Establish a Brand,

You’re responsible for marketing service, you need to get involved with making videos for your company.

No 2 ways about it; video marketing is an efficient and progressing tool for marketing that almost every marketer can benefit from.

So The Kaptiwa Video Hosting and Marketing Software would surely be a huge asset to your business. Give it a try today! Your Business Needs This.