How to Look 10 Years Younger

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If you are aiming to look Ten Years younger or more, there is no scarcity of information or items to help you acheive your goal. Nowadays, it seems everywhere you turn there is some brand-new product or cosmetic procedure declaring to remove wrinkles, bring back elasticity, restore radiance … the list goes on and on.

However before you try that new product or see that hot brand-new medical day health spa there are 3 anti aging traps you have to understand about.

Fall into one of these, and no matter what items you are using, you could be undermining your outcomes without even understanding it.

Anti Aging Trap # 1- No Passion for Anti Aging or Complete Acceptance of the Aging Process

” Passion for anti aging?” you say. “Of course I have enthusiasm for anti aging. Why do you think I invest hundreds of dollars on products and treatments?”

Let’s make one thing clear- passion for anti aging and looking 10 years more youthful has absolutely nothing to do with how lots of products you purchase or the number of visits you schedule with your plastic surgeon. Enthusiasm for anti aging starts in the brain:

For example: Every morning when I wake up, the very first thing on my mind is anti aging. I am constantly researching, studying, putting test ideas into practice to stay and feel more youthful and more dynamic. I completely enjoy it and a day doesn’t go by without me considering anti aging and attempting to look 10 years more youthful.

Now I know everybody doesn’t and even cannot wake up with anti aging on the brain. There are kids to get off to school, jobs to go to, bills to pay; the list goes on and on.

However to truly achieve any level of anti aging, you do need to have some enthusiasm for it.


Due to the fact that passion for anything, whether it be looking Ten Years more youthful, losing weight, or getting a promotion starts in the brain. The moment you set your mind to attain something your brain right away goes into overdrive developing ideas to bring this strategy to fulfillment. Passion is the fuel which drives this process. The more passionate you are about an idea, the higher the probability that you will achieve what you desire.

Regrettably, anti aging or attempting to look 10 years younger or more quickly loses momentum.

This is because many individuals feel there are just a couple of alternatives to genuinely stay vibrant. Once they start to age, they think the only options they have are plastic surgery or Botox. Which brings us to the next anti aging trap:

Anti Aging trap # 2- Overloading On Plastic Surgery and Cosmetic Procedures

I just recently met a 45 yrs.old lady who was obviously addicted to cosmetic surgery. Her face was smooth, taut and unlined. She had no wrinkles on her forehead, around her eyes or around her mouth. However guess what? She didn’t look 10 years more youthful. She looked like a 45 year old lady that had work done.

Her face was mask-like, even when she smiled. You can see this appearance on a lot of celebs (Courtney Cox, Nicole Kidman, Joan Rivers). Possibly that’s why some people believe it is the finest way to combat the aging process. Individuals like to imitate their favorite stars.

Now I’m not againt cosmetic surgery. Compared with only 10 years ago, plastic and cosmetic surgery has come a long way in helping people everywhere to look and feel younger. And possibly that’s the problem. Due to the fact that it has ended up being a lot more inexpensive it is now the quick quick fix rather than the last resort.

Too much plastic surgery or cosmetic procedures will not make you look 10 years younger. It will nevertheless make you look strange, abnormal and like a plastic surgical junkie.

Anti Aging Trap # 3 Setting the Bar Too Low

When I ask women  what they truly wish to accomplish from all the effort they put into staying younger, generally many of them react with the following:

” I desire to look great for my age.”

The only way I understand the best ways to react to this statement is “Why?”.

If you really want to look good for your age, no matter if it’s 30, 40 or 50+ then I say go for it. You might  accomplish yourgoal in a matter of months if you have not done so already. But understand this:.

You will never ever go to a college sporting occasion and be mistaken for a coed by 4 different trainees. You won’t be able to wear a mini skirt and look “age suitable”. (Sorry to use that expression. I in fact despise it however that’s a whole other short article.) You will never go for a jog and have 3 seventeen years old teenagers on scooters ask what college you go to.

Why? Because “looking good for your age”is setting the bar too low. Sure you look good, but just for your age. It’s the equivalent of the remark: “you look quite good for a woman”. You wish to look great period. You wish to look so good that no one can say you look great for your age because no one can tell how old you are.

I know plenty of women aged 40+ who can and have actually been mistaken for a college coed. Who still have the ability to manage a mini and flip flops. And who have 17 year old young boys waving to them from their bikes and scooters.

Now that we went over the 3 Anti Aging Traps and how simple they are to fall into, let’s discuss the bright side. Take a look at the following quote:.

” Anti Aging to us is a lifestyle. My partner and I decided a long time ago that we weren’t going to age. We were going to eat right, constantly try new things, look after our bodies. However most importantly, we set our mind to it and I guess we’re doing all right.”- from a 52 years old guy and his 46 year old spouse.

This quote originated from a married couple I recently meet who I had actually thought to be in their mid thirties. The male admitted to me that he was in fact 52 years of ages and his better half was 46. I was pretty stunned. Being as consumed as I am with anti aging, I can generally guess individuals’ ages pretty well. So this truly threw me for a loop.

This couple looked, walked and talked like they were 35 years of ages. And a young 35 at that. It was really amazing and I couldn’t stop taking a look at them.

So how were they able to look at least 10 to 15 years younger? Is it possible that they had some cosmetic surgery?

They were extremely open and honest about their beauty routine and maintenance. They informed me they have actually had “definitely no Botox”. And no cosmetic surgery. They both have skin peels every six months to revitalize their skin. They consume no processed food whatsoever and a great deal of fresh vegetables and fruit. They work out 5 days a week, stretch thoroughly to stay flexible and agile and keep up with brand-new developments in the anti aging market.

Everything they informed me was interesting and their plan was clearly working for them. But I kept returning to their original quote: “My wife and I said that we weren’t going to age.”.

That little declaration is one of the crucial reasons why they are able to stay so lively and young looking. In their mind, they would not accept the aging procedure when they had that affirmation set firmly in their brain that set in movement a life-long strategy of combating aging at every turn. When that affirmation was sturdily in place, everything else that followed ended up being force of habit to them.

Which is the real secret to anti aging and staying young and essential. So remain enthusiastic about anti aging, do not overload on cosmetic and plastic surgical treatment and set that bar way up high. When you avoid these anti aging traps, you’ll marvel how rapidly your body and mind respond. You might just wake up a couple months from now looking 10 years younger.

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