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DFY Hero Review – Cindy Donovan Creator

Have you had someone ask you, “So … what do you do online?” Whether you’re a novice just starting to find your feet online

Or a recognized veteran marketer

Telling them your website address, or much better still … showing them your professional looking website is normally the very best way to reveal that yep, you DO know what you’re doing.

In fact, nearly every method of earning an income online starts with having your own website. It could be anything, but you need an online existence.

How do I know? Over a decade, I have heard this concern countless times from my trainees, from strangers on a community/forum I started to help beginners start online services … from blog writers impersonating ‘prospective and inquisitive’ students only looking for content AND even some Online marketers looking for ways to broaden their companies.

And before asking me– of course they had actually asked the same question to BIG DADDY Google— who just redirected them to many blogs, posts and a Great Deal Of scamsters impersonating business owners trying to find ‘Gullible’ people like these who would turn over money to them in the hope of making money in return. Fortunately … I was also among the places (individuals) Google redirected them too.

Anyhow– let’s cut to the chase.

Completely Beginner Friendly-DFY HERO



Yes– the fastest ways to make money online are building a total site for your local plumbing technician or legal representative, or sales pages for digital items, capture pages, eCom shops or blog sites … the faster you can make them, the faster you’re in profit.

Practically a third of all websites are built to develop and arrange digital material. Other elements like hosting and domain registration are best done independently. It’s up to YOU to bring these TOGETHER to create a WordPress website. (if you choose to select this choice, it’s okay … i have an easier way …).
Step1: Login to WordPress. It’s totally free in a way … except– it’s not! You have to buy styles if you do not want a crappy end product.

Important Requirements:
You need either understand how to do it or employ a tech-geek.
You need a couple of hundred bucks to spend for hosting, domain and developing etc

. Step2: Buy the Right Hosting Strategy. Before you can get down to business of building your WordPress site you need a place for it to live. This requires a hosting plan.

Necessary Requirement:.
Spend a few weeks investigating and comparing countless hosting service suppliers. Bother your buddies, loved ones and neighbours who you believe may know which is the very best one. Go-to online forums and ask people like me (and oh yes– people who run some of the hosting business are also there to “help you choose the best plan” without charging you a penny).
Pay out a few dollars and keep some more in your account for this– it’s a RECURRING expenditure.

Step 3: Pick a Domain . The first 10 names you ‘d come up with that are best matched to describe YOUR business are already taken up. Go for the 11th one …

Unlimited Hosting & Website Visitors With DFY Hero

Necessary Requirement:.
There’s not a set charge for domain names. Their value tends to be set by the market. Facebook bought fb.com in 2010 for $8.5 million, while the 2005 purchase of lasvegas.com totaled up to a cool $90 million. Do not panic. You most likely won’t need to pay millions for your domain. Regular, non-famous domains cost in the region of $12 a year.
As soon as you sign up a domain, it’s all yours. You just lose it if you pick not to renew, at which point it will be returned on the marketplace.

These 3 are VERY IMPORTANT. Let’s quickly go over the next actions …

Step 4: Install Your WordPress Website (Check out: More headaches).

Step 5: Pick from a set of quite bad Styles (Or pay for a good one).

Action 6: Develop Material and Pages (or employ someone to do that for you on Fiverr, UpWork etc.).

Step 7: Install Plugins (you’ll have to pay for some decent ones so that your site FUNCTIONS like a website and not some dead page).

Step 8: Publish! (voilà– you’re done … therefore am I describing).


Fully Cloud Based. Nothing To Download And Install With DFY Hero


Choice 2: Buy A Software
( that declares to be basic drag-n-drop).
Take this path if any of this seems like to be you:.
” I feel DUMB because I don’t even understand where to get going.”.
” People inform me I need to NEED TO learn code, but I really don’t wish to.”.
” I was born with NO design skill whatsoever! I understand it when I see something nice, but I have trouble creating ANYTHING from scratch.”.
” I’m WAY too hectic with other things in life. I want a website design software application that’s simple to use, and can make my website look good.”.
Pick any of these … (Warning: Even after paying this charge– you ‘d need to put in a few weeks of work or spend some money working with a designer– coz no matter what they declare– these tools are NOT produced beginners or newbies. These are made by geeks for designers).


Gives You Ready-Made Sites You Can Use, From Day #1

BETTER YET: DFY Hero Comes With An UNLIMITED Commercial License.

Make (and sell) AS MANY of these sites as you want, over and over again.

You could have 1,000+ of each of the 100+ different done for your sites, that’s 10,000+ websites.  

And then … go ahead, make and sell MORE…!

We’ve put NO LIMITS on the number of sites you can build, host, use and/or sell. 

What do you want to do, with 10,000+ websites at your fingertips?




Now Let Me ‘Unwrap’ DFY Hero And
Give You A Peek Inside-The-Box (I feel like Santa)

An Easy To Use Page Builder

Use our pre-built templates to crank out premium websites, Sales pages, squeeze pages and a lot more in minutes.

Everything is done for you and if you want to make any edits – just point-n-click. No recurring costs. No learning curve. This is completely (if I may dare say) ‘Kid-Friendly’.


Fully Mobile Responsive Pages 

The DFY websites, pages and blogs look stunning on all screen sizes. You can also edit and make any changes you’d like on the fly.

I hardly see people on laptops anymore (except at Starbucks). If you’re on the phone – your business should also be there.

A Training Module For Everything 

We are not going to throw you into the deep end of the pool, (even though you’d have the DFY assets to serve as life-jackets). We will train you on how to get the maximum returns out of DFY Hero.

A training module on ‘How To Use It?’ – Yeah… it’s included, but I doubt you are going to need it.


Instant Real-Time Updates 

The pages are going to come to life right in front of your eyes. You can see how every change or edit you are making looks in the final outcome.

Don’t like – change it I say! Way easier than a nose or a chin job.

Create High Converting Landing & Sales Pages

The DFY websites and pages are fully-optimized and designed to bring in crazy conversions, again – WITHOUT touching a line of code and without hiring any designers.

Designed as per the latest trends in the market, your new customers are going to fall in love with the experience of buying from you. Their happiness is what we are after… here.


An Extensive Template Library 

The DFY Hero Template library houses some of the finest pieces of design. The templates are EXCLUSIVE, STUNNING and very expensive if you were to buy anything that even comes close to these, in the open market.

These designs are created by a team of artists who take their work very seriously and don’t like to be disturbed when they are at work. Seriously, they have a “D-N-D” sign outside their cabin, and even I get nervous about going in and asking – Fellows, howzit going?

Easy-To-Use Yet Powerful Dashboard

The DFY Hero dashboard is a delight to navigate through. Everything is neatly placed in a way that the “next-thing-to-do” appears obvious.

Rest assured; you are not going to feel lost. The intuitive User interface is designed scientifically i.e. keeping in mind the normal eye-movement pattern while people work. I was blown away when designing and the coding team showed this to me. Started thinking… maybe I should be working for them instead!


No Design/Coding Skills Needed With DFY Hero

With DFY Hero our goal is to empower people (mostly newbies and non-technical minded people like you and me) to be able to create UNLIMITED stunning websites without writing a single line of code and without hiring expensive designers.

And to make that possible… I had to hire some freakin expensive coders and designers. But it’s worth the money. I’ll be using all of these pages for my business too.

Instant Hosted Pages with Domain included

When we say it’s Done-For-You, we really mean it! You don’t just get over 100+ websites, pages and blogs that look stunning… we also host them for you. The domain name is optional. You can use yours or ours.

No half-baked cookies handed over to you.


Affordable Pricing

We could have easily offered 1/4th of the websites, pages, and blogs and kept adding to every month charging you a monthly recurring fee.   

I love supporting action-taker, so I wanted to make DFY Hero as accessible as possible. So, during this special launch, we are offering it at an all-time low one-time fee.

What’s It Gonna Be? Start Profiting Today
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