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Gedurende de laatste 10 jaren meer aandacht wordt besteed aan de anti aging huidverzorging.

Developments within this classification were affected by such factors as competition among the significant brands, intro of new innovations and brand-new ingredients, along with worldwide boost in demand for the so-calledrejuvenating cosmetics”.

Today they are relying on alternative therapies and anti aging producten; echter, they will not spend money on products which do not produce the wished results.

Eerste anti aging skin care products appeared throughout the late 1980s. The first liposome active ingredient delivery system belonged to first generation anti aging skin care.

David Jago, a professional in the market analysis for MINTEL, evaluates the modifications, which have actually taken place ever since:

At present, the unique properties, components and benefits of the products are plainly revealed on the label. In the late 1980s, it was just said that those items were firming, softening the skin, decreasing lines and so on, however their functional active ingredients were generally not revealed.

Today’s press typically informs us of specific ingredients and their benefits, therefore adding to the customerseducation”.

Als gevolg, there appeared a classification of skin care products intended for particular age groups or requirements. Typisch, women focus on making their aging skin look more youthful, or their young skin – gezonder.

In the beginning of 1990s, lots of anti aging skin care ingredients have been studied. The most important of those, Alpha Hydroxyl Acids (AHA), ended up being the first active ingredients to affect the aging skin.

Sally Penford, of the International Dermal Institute, a postgraduate training school for therapists, remarks: “It promoted women to start considering plastic surgery, glycolic acid peels and laser skin treatments“.

Anotherfantastic revolutionin anti aging skin care has actually been in making use of A, C and E vitamins, in addition to group B vitamins and primary fatsthey all have an unique role of agents avoiding early aging.

Naturally they do not make wonders, but can support the good condition of the skin. As skin ages and is repeatedly exposed to damaging UV rays, the level of vitamin A, produced in the body, constantly reduces.

The skin renewal procedures slow down and the epidermal layer becomes progressively thinner. A few of the research study of the active ingredients, such as vitamin C, was kept in 1990s. Further, scientists identified 2 key chemische “helpers” om te helpen bij het transport van vitamine C via de huid.

De formuleringen afgeleide geleid tot de ontwikkeling van anti aging skin care items, bestaande uit vitamine C en produkten, die bestond uit een mengsel van vitamine C en pure Retinol (tot voor kort, het is buitengewoon zwaar geweest zowel Retinol en vitamine C combineren in een stabiele formulering, aangezien beide ingrediënten gemakkelijk geoxideerd, wanneer ze worden blootgesteld aan de lucht, en word non-actief). In 1990s this kind of skin care was currently produced all over the world.

Even more on, a great deal of interest in the anti-oxidants has been revealed. A great deal of studies have been done which show that securing the skin can delay the beginning of aging.

The SUVIMAX research studies in France revealed that using anti-oxidants on the skin decreases the aging process. It is also possible to reduce lines and improve skin firmness.

Advantages of anti-oxidants were spotted in grape seeds extracts. After that, cosmetic business began using these advantages in their skin care items. Grape polyphenols are natural compounds stemmed from green grape seed extract which have been revealed to have an effective anti-oxidant result.

They shield the skin from the aggressiveness of a wide range of free radicals and are understood to help maintain the skin’s moisture levels.

In the middle of 1990s Estee Lauder has actually completed research study into comprehending more about skin cells losing energy. Dr. Maes, Vice-President Research and Development, Estee Lauder Worldwide, describes:

We can not make the skin appear like when it was in youth. Technologies can reduce the lines by 50%, however we will never decrease them by 100%. We have actually studied skin samples and found that its density is already decreasing from the age of 20.

In biological terms, if the cells are losing energy they will also lose their capability to secure themselves against the environment.

Hij vergelijkt dit verlies van energie aan die van een batterij bijna leeg die moet worden opgeladen. daarom, tegen veroudering te verminderen en bescherming van de huidcellen, producenten begonnen met het gebruik van anti-oxidanten, zon blokken en de huid stimuleren van technologieën om “in rekening brengen” cellen.

Ze worden beschreven als een volgende generatie skin nourishers dat de huid in staat stellen een brandstofbron van biobeschikbaar micronutriënten gebruiken.

De onderzoekers hebben eigenlijk onderzocht verschillende soorten van veroudering van de huid en het geeft aan dat ze kunnen het ontwikkelen van huidverzorging die met succes zal verlichten off veroudering. It is recognized that 90% of skin damage is triggered by external environmental aging.

This includes smoking, wind, chemicals, en, most notably, UV radiation. The level of contamination increases so rapidly that skin cells can not develop self-protection mechanisms. Free radicals or oxidants are naturally produced in the body as a response to the hostility of external, ecological factors as well as internal elements such as stress and exhaustion. An effect of this aggression is a velocity of the skin’s aging procedure.

The majority of skin damage is performed in the early years and people do not see the outcomes of this till they are in their forties and fifties.

The reason for this is because of the skin’s sequential aging, which we can do absolutely nothing about. Internal, sequential aging is mainly a consequence of genes and impacts skin all over the body.

Modern scientific research in skin care and the growing understanding of the skin’s physiology mean that it is possible to stop as well as repair skin damage which happens later on in life.

dus, the most recent thinking and research study is focused on developing skin protection not from a plain Sun Protection Factor however from the cells themselves.

The case in point is a brand-new location of cosmetology (allocosmetics) and skin care products of contemporary generation of late 1990s, which are based on cell extracts that have lately drawn much attention of scientists.

Cells can sector themselves and recreate identical copies, Vervang oude huidcellen door gloednieuwe exemplaren van de exact hetzelfde type, deelnemen aan biochemische huid procedures. Dit is wat we levensduur zelf-verjonging noemen.

De vooruitgang geboekt in het anti-aging technologie de afgelopen tien jaar daadwerkelijk indrukwekkend en duidelijk blijken geen aanwijzingen van af te nemen.

We kunnen met name zijn dat er nog veel meer interessante successen in anti aging huidverzorging innovatie te komen.


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